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COVID Dancer

Featured in the Recover Me 2020 Festival, COVID Dancer  is a devised dance piece on film exploring the internal life of a dancer during the pandemic.

San Diego, CA

Fall 2020


Directed and choreographed by Jesca Prudencio, A&Q was a devised political theatre piece that talked on the war on drugs in the Philippines. I assisted the choreography for the production and was a swing for the run. 

Pineapple Lab

Manila, Philippines

Summer 2019


Directed by Elizabeth Swanson and choreographed by Tommy Rivera Vega, I assisted the production at Columbia College Chicago.

The Courtyard Theater

Chicago, Il

Winter 2022

She Loves Me

She Loves Me was produced by San Diego Musical Theatre and directed by Richard Israel. I assisted with the choreography of production under Lauren Haughton.

Horton Grand Theater

San Diego, CA

Spring 2020

Stupid F*cking Bird

Directed by Kian Klein in collaboration with SDSU's Skull and Dagger Dramatic Society, Stupid F*cking Bird was last in person production before the COVID-19 Pandemic shut the world down. I choreographed this dance for actors using elements of Viewpoints and funk. 

The Don Powell Theater

San Diego, CA

Spring 2020


Directed by Adam Robinson for SDSU's Across Campus Theatre. This site specific production takes a new look at a Skakespearian classic.  This production of Hamlet is currently being reproduced for the San Diego Fringe Festival. 

PSFA Round Theater

San Diego, CA

Fall 2019

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