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Spring Awakening

By Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater

Spring Awakening was the main stage production of SDSU MTC inaugural season, 2020-2021. With a cast and production team of over 35 students and alumni of SDSU, we filmed a fully staged production in the Don Powell Theater Spring of 2021.

Director/Choreographer/Producer: Gabe Igtanloc

Assistant Director - Sheldon Gomabon

Assistant Choreographer - Stella Borelli

Music Supervisor- Ron Councell

Student Music Supervisor - Eliza Vader

THEA 351 Instructor - Rob Meffe

Dramaturg - Rebecca Ojeda

Stage and Production Manager - Ed Fernandez

Assistant Stage Manager - Auva Abedini

Rehearsal Assistant Stage Manager - Laura Odette Sandoval

Producing Team: MTC Executive Board

Scenic / Visual Designer - Finn Mitchell

Lighting Designer - Deanna Trethewey

Costume Designer - Jasz Cabrera

Director of Photography - Adam Gilmore

Audio Board Op - Javier Pinon

Lighting Assistant Designer / Board Op - Reid Semmens

Production Assistant / Stage Crew - Kameron Grant

Costume Assistant - Cassidy Stahl

Costume Assistant - Cat Rojo

Videographer - Brenden Mokler

Film Assistant Director - Leo Ebanks

Wendla Bergmann - Sierra Goria

Melchior Gabor - Chase Lowary

Hanschen Rilow - Jackson Wright

Ernst Robel - Joshua Radzinski

Martha Bessell - Francesca Lemus

Georg Zirschnitz - Kaivan Mohsenzadeh

Adult Man - Enrique Arana

Isle Neumann - Vivian Romero

Adult Woman - Tori Coleman

Mortiz Steifel - Veenwar Almezory

Otto Lammermeir - Gabe Igtanloc

Anna - Bethany Novotny

Thea - Sarah Marie Hernandez

Swing - Makenna Boutelle

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 6.02.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 5.56.42 PM.png

The Mad Ones

By Kerrigan and Lowdermilk


The Mad Ones was SDSU Musical Theatre Club's inaugural full length production. Produced during the Pandemic in the Fall 2020, this virtual production featured undergraduate cast and creative team. 


Vivian Romero - Sam

Tracy Boronkay - Kelly

Chase Lowary - Adam

Dani Wiesenthal - Beverly

Ed Fernandez - Production Stage Manager

Annie Barrack - Music Director
Kameron Grant - Editor and Cinematographer 

Laura Odette Sandoval - Production Assistant

Sophi Gonzalez - Production Assistant

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